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Steam Shower Units

If you are searching for information on steam shower units, steam shower prices and more importantly where to buy steam showers then you have arrived in the right place. In addition to steam shower reviews you will also learn here the importance of choosing the correct steam shower enclosure for your needs.

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Steam Shower Units

The vast majority of steam shower units for sale are only available online and this is a result of almost all units sold in North America being manufactured and shipped in from China and sold through online retailers that have no actual brick and mortar business presence in Canada or the USA. For this reason it is very important to purchase from a reputable dealer that will be around to honor your warranty should and problems with the unit develop in the future.

Steam Showers Sold In Canada & The USA

Online retailers will send a representative to China to explore a trade show where the local manufacturing companies will showcase their products. The vast majority of these online retailers will simply choose the product with the lowest unit price which allows them to mark up the price for maximum profitability with little or no thought to the quality of the products they are purchasing. Since most online retailers do not have a brick and mortar business, and many operate multiple online businesses selling the same products, there is very little protection to the end consumer in terms of warranty and replacement issues.

A reputable retailer of steam showers will have a full time employee or branch in China and will oversee the manufacture process to ensure quality control of the products. Without overseeing the process and performing quality assurance checks, the quality of steam shower will almost certainly be low. There are currently no steam showers manufactured in Canada or the USA. All steam showers sold in North America come from China.

Steam Shower Retailers

When researching steam showers it is important to read steam shower reviews, but it is also important to do some research into who you are purchasing from. You should find out if they have a retail location where you can go and look at the steam showers in person.

Almost all steam shower retailers operate online only and do not have a stock of showers or a showroom where you can go to view these items. Buying a steam shower sight unseen is a risky proposition considering how the majority of online retailers purchase purely based on price. A luxury item like a steam shower can be fantastic however, as with most luxury purchases, you get what you pay for.

Steam Shower Shipping

Shipping and duty fees is also a very important factor to consider when looking to buy a steam shower online. If shopping from Canada the brokerage and duty fees to ship a steam shower from the USA to Canada ranges from $395 to over $500.

The shipping costs are also quite large as the steam shower units are generally shipped in pieces, commonly on three separate skids. The steam shower units themselves weigh as much as 500 pounds so if you need to ship your unit back to the supplier for any reason you can expect to pay an arm and a leg to do so.